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In 2019, The same year when COVID arrived. Nobody had a clue what is happening to them and their surroundings. Everybody is just locked in and had nothing to do. Searching for things to spend their time.

Some started playing video games, and mobile games, yeah that PUBG(Player Unknown Battleground) was pretty famous at that time.

Everyone had a full day having no work, I mean they had nothing to do except eat and sleep. That was the time when the internet had the only companion for them to spend time with.

We and our team plan to do something for ourselves. We have a hunger to write something that we are feeling and experiencing. So, we have started a platform(though the idea of starting the platform had come earlier of COVID it increased after the lockdown happened).

Everything was going great, but in a couple of months when things are becoming normal as they had been earlier. We started working again and now Saalty become a secondary thing for us. We almost threw it in the garbage.

Now, after one year, We and our team are back with the second version of Saalty and expect to provide you with what we were promised to give you.